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Codified Wisdom™

Why Codified Wisdom™?

The founders of 4impactdata have decades of experience working as data analysts, consultants, and leaders at enterprise-level organizations. But we have a passion for small small business.

We started 4impact data to help small and medium-sized businesses get affordable access to top-level expertise and analysis previously only available to enterprise-level organizations.

We connected with CEOs, business school professors, and key leaders across multiple industries. And we began collecting years of data, logging questions and answers. We then found a way to bake this knowledge into a solution that can help give you a greater chance of success.

Our CODIFIED WISDOM™ offers Software as a Service for analyzing business data, and takes it to the next level to become “Knowledge as a Service” that provides software for delivery of information.

Meet the Experts

These are Just a few of the Experts WHo Helped

Van Sheets

CEO – Harvard Business Grad

Patricia Asp

CEO/CEO Advisor

John SMith

Business School Professor

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