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Why 4impactdata

More than just dashboards...

Using the Thrive AI Business Guidance System is like having seasoned CEOs look at your business and tell you where you need to focus.

With the Thrive AI Business Guidance System, it’s like having a smart health device for your business...

Building a business is hard.  As a business owner, you make hundreds of decisions every day. You need a system that will be constantly monitoring the health of your business.  It is hard to grow if you are not healthy.

The 4impactdata difference: Codified Wisdom™.

We developed the Thrive Business Guidance system with a process we call “Codified Wisdom™” that takes decades of business knowledge and built it into a solution that takes your raw data, creates diagnostics that shows you what is happening in your business and then provides answers and guidance to key questions.

The Old Way

Avg $35,000 - $50,000

Thrive AI Business Guidance System


Don’t Know What I Don’t Know.

  • Not sure where to focus
  • Pay thousands to outside consultants

Built-In Knowledge & Expertise

  • Answers to questions every organization should know to increase their chances of success
  • Built in proven guidance, wisdom, & expertise.
  • Access to growing knowledge base

Implement Expensive, Complicated Analytics Software

  • Build from scratch
  • Spend thousands on software, data integration, maintenance & support.
  • Per user pricing

Plug & Play Best Practice WISDOM/DiagnostiCS

  • Immediate monitoring of vital metrics
  • Prebuilt best practice data models
  • Data integration included
  • Unlimited users

Information Too Late

  • Weeks before seeing any results
  • Maintaining hundreds of spreadsheets
  • Making gut decisions


  • Identify opportunities/issues early
  • Start making data driven decisions
  • Built on Industry Leading Cloud Analytic Technology

What is Codified Wisdom™?

At 4impactdata, we saw the same questions being asked by the same companies across industries. But without access to expensive consultants, their questions were left unanswered. So we spent years collecting data, interviewing business leaders and professors, and mapping out solutions to common business challenges.

We’ve taken that collective knowledge and codified it into a system that takes your unique data and processes it into our solution, providing rapid insights for your business. Results are based on the same wisdom that large corporations receive from their consultants – at a fraction of the cost

We are here to help you understand and improve your business performance, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for years. 

As We Get Smarter, You Get Smarter

As we expand our knowledge base of available business AI models, you continually gain access to the collective wisdom\lessons learned from business experts, fellow 4Impactdata community members & others. 

Drives Improvement

What gets monitored gets improved. Our Thrive AI Business Guidance System provides you with answers to questions you may not even know you’re looking for yet. So instead of looking at the data first and building metrics, we decided to take the opposite approach.

  1. You get answers to questions you don’t even know you should be asking about your business.
  2. The answers you get allow your business to pinpoint where to focus next.
Getting Started

How it Works

Instead of looking at the data first and building metrics, we decided to take the opposite approach. We start with the most impactful questions we have and then find the metrics and data to support the answers. As part of this new approach, we created a new methodology where we:

Step 1: We Load Your Data

We make it easy to get started. No matter what format your data is in our team will handle the import and implementation, giving you quick, easy access to the system.

Step 2: Get Your Checkup

You will get a full diagnostic report for your business. Like a medical diagnostic this report will show where your business is healthy, what aspects of your business are at risk, and what you can do to improve.

Step 3: Take Action

The longer you use the system, the smarter it gets. Based on changes in your business you will get new insights and advice. And thanks to our flat pricing model, you don’t need to worry about increasing costs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"4impactdata provides a high-level view of our entire organization. It enables us to see the big picture while clearly identifying the most critical issues/opportunities we face as an organization."
International Distribution Company

Talk to an Expert

Schedule a call with one of our strategists to see what a diagnostic report will reveal.

See How the Thrive Business Guidance System Can change your business...

During this free call, one of our business strategists will be able to help you uncover what questions you should be asking about your business, and how your data can provide answers to the challenges you are facing.