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Finally, impactful data for the small to medium sized business

Introducing BizEKG

$500/month – unlimited users – cancel anytime

What you don’t know can hurt you.

Only 5% of the 15M companies in the US grow bigger than 20 Employees. 

Like any person, if you don’t monitor your health, you think everything is fine and suddenly you have a serious illness hit you. In many cases, these things could have been preventable if you knew ahead of time. The same holds true for your business.

Do you know?

Introducing 4impactdata’s BizEKG (SaaS) Software as a Service Solution with Codified Wisdom™. Now you can have the peace of mind that you are staying on top of the vital business health information every business owner should know for one affordable price

Monitors critical areas of your business

Unlike a complicated dashboard, the BizEKG (SaaS) system helps you stay focused on the most critical areas of your business.


The collective knowledge of business experts codified into a system that provides insights based on your unique  situation.


We make it easy for you by integrating and centralizing your data from multiple sources into a cloud enabled environment. 


A single, affordable price for your whole team so you can share impactful information with whoever you choose and not worry about increasing cost.

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See How It Works

In this video demo see how the BizEKG (SaaS) system takes raw data and turns it into valuable insights.

Meet the Founders

4impact data was founded by technology & data science veterans who wanted to give small and medium-sized businesses affordable access to impactful data to give them a greater chance of success.

The 4impactdata Mission

We started a new type of analytics company to help businesses get affordable access to top-level expertise and analysis previously only available to enterprise-level organizations.

At 4impactdata, we found business leaders across industries asking the same questions. But without access to expensive consultants, their questions were left unanswered.

We have knocked down every barrier preventing businesses from getting access to high-end analytic tools. How?

"At 4impactdata we are building a platform so everyone can get access to knowledge that can help their businesses"
– Eric Eager

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We are extremely happy with the results! The best part of the solution is that it's on-demand and allows us to monitor vital areas of our business."
Board Member
Engineering Services Firm

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See How the BizEKG System Can Change Your Business...

During this free call, one of our business strategists will be able to help you uncover what questions you should be asking about your business, and how your data can provide answers to the challenges you are facing.